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Social Media Marketing

Social media is aninfluential tool for targeting the maximum number of potential customers. It helps with the following:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps businesses by ranking their websites on the top of search engine result pages, thus helping in gathering more traffic. Our experts will help you by:

Paid Advertising

Paid ads on various social media platforms help in targeting specific audiences who were looking for your services and products.

Website Development

A reliable website helps you build honest brand value and magnifies brand awareness. We assist you by:

Graphic Designing

The publications/images and designs on your website develop the first impression. Thus, having a visually attractive design wins the first lap in the race. We will be there by you helping you to:

Custom Software Development

Your website requires and deservesrelentless care and support. To rank high on SERPs it is essential to have a website with smooth navigation and high speed. Our expert will be there by your side to ensure:

Our Process

Our experts design solutions that cater to individual needs. We deliver answers to problems that are customised precisely according to specific businesses and issues. Therefore, there is no space for error or mistakes.

1. Website Redesign

A decent website has a professional face and is a place for relevant content only. We redesign according to the need of the hour.

2. Website Maintenance

Our professionals maintain a website by regularly surveying it for snags and glitches and also keeping it modern and relevant at the same time.

3. Content Management System

We at Web Design Farm have team members who are specialists in WordPress and other content management systems.

Case Studies

The results speak for themselves

Aman Pest Control - Case Studies

Aman Pest Control Generated 4X More Traffic than Competitors in Less than 6 Months

It was only when Aman Pest Control discovered us that the positive change occurred. We drove them into introspection and we found that traffic and conversions had dropped considerably.


Total Clicks


Total Impressions

Instant Mobile Roadworthy - Case Studies

Organic Visitors Increased by 67%, Located in Target Local Cities

When this client first approached us, they had an outdated website with only a trivial volume of content on it. They were hardly discoverable online and in their competitive market, this was a major issue. The client didn’t have much know-how about Google, but their primary target was to receive phone calls from their customers.


Total Clicks


Total Impressions


Learn it from the Horse’s Mouth

We have so far worked on more than 975 projects and all of them were sheer successes. However, it is always more believable if you get to know the success stories of the clients directly from them.

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If we go strictly go by the records, then we will see that nearly 70-80% of people all over the world research a specific business online before visiting a store. Therefore, whatever the size of your business maybe it is important to have a strong online presence and we at Web design Farm help our clients just with that.

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