Web Designing Farm – Cancellation & Refund

To provide our customers with a supreme client experience, we have postulated a considerate cancellation & refund policy.

We strategise each project by segregating work into breakthroughs.

Every project starts with a comprehensive detection/analysis and the formation of a scope of work document. This is done to ensure that both parties have a complete understanding of the work essential and thus remove the possibility of project cancellations, setbacks, or disagreements.

As time is spent to achieve every milestone and complete every module, a refund is impossible for work already completed.

If a project is put to an end on a mutual agreement, the client has control of all finished work, and any payment for further progress will get annulled. No earlier charge or deposit would be refunded.

No payment will be refunded once the client accepts dummy designs and we proceed to the project’s development stage.

There are no part refunds for projects halfway through thebreakthroughstage.

No cancellations are considered for services that our marketing team has offered on exceptional occurrences. These are limited-period offers and cannot be cancelled.

Please note that SEO and digital marketing packages are not refundable, but the client may cancel with a prior written communication 30 days in advance.

We refrain fromoffering refunds on deposits or payments for projects that are rejected or lay inactive for over 30 days.

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