Pay Per Click Advertising

With us you get to earn more visits, thanks to our PPC Advertising strategies

Experts at our company have years of experience when it comes to running successful pay-per-click or PPC ad campaigns. They make use of relevant keywords which ensures that people visit your website and are true professionals in dappling across all significant components to deliver the best.

Our Services

Our professionals are very well-equipped and are some of the best when it comes to managing and leading innovative and goal-driven ideas that can produce the maximum profit.

Optimized Landing Pages

Web Design Farm’s expert team puts in their best effort and makes sure that every landing page is correctly optimised with properly placed call-to-action buttons.

Targeting Correct Keywords

We have a team of dedicated optimisers who carry out thorough keyword research and analysis. We are aware that suitable keywords can increase your visibility by up to 45%.

Targeting Correct Audience

Before our experts begin working on any PPC ad campaign, they make it a point to carry out rigorous and systematic research on the target audience.

Appropriate A/B Testing

Our agency knows that an ad copy that is relevant today might not be so tomorrow. Thus, they keep multiple alternative ideas ready for correct A/B testing, making sure you publish only the relevant ads.

PPC Audits

The team at Web Design Farm is aware that simply advertising makes no sense. This is why we make sure to analyse and monitor PPC campaigns so that better ideas can be implemented.

Avoid spending aimlessly with our smart strategists

It’s not surprising to hear someone ending up spending way more than their budget for PPC ads because of dissimilarities between ad copies with the landing page, and redundant and confusing search and ad content placements.

With our smart team by your side, you can say goodbye to all additional spending as our experts have years of experience in handling over thousand successful PPC ad campaigns for clients from all over the globe.

Step 1

Projection & Plannin

We have thorough discussions with our clients regarding their projects and clearly understand their goals. Then we share our ideas and work out a projected strategy.

Step 2

Performance & Targeting

After planning we begin working on the project keeping avenues open for positive changes. We implement every technical modification and test with campaigns so as to get maximum conversions.

Step 3

Measure & Analyse

Finally, we measure and scale the campaigns and make it a point to regularly share the result with our clients.

Our Process

We Are Spot-On When It Comes To Pay-Per-Click

Our team believes in one very vital principle – let’s grow together! Regarding pay-per-click advertisements, it is essential to identify the interest group and target them accordingly. We have created a full-proof mechanism for carrying out social media marketing in the smoothest yet most effective way.

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