Aman Pest Control Generated 4X More Traffic than Competitors in Less than 6 Months

It was only when Aman Pest Control discovered us that the positive change occurred. We drove them into introspection and we found that traffic and conversions had dropped considerably.

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Project Overview

Aman Pest Control discovered us and that gave their business a positive turn. We drove them into introspection and we found that traffic and conversions had droppedconsiderably.

We immediately made some on-page SEO changes to their website that hasn’t really been touched from an SEO perspective in over three years.

The result of the changes we made was the daily visits surged from 20 to over 200—in just seven days. Those were some numbers to reckon with indeed!



While these results are not entirelyusual, we thought of sharing with you the On-Page SEO strategies iSquad had implemented to get such results.

Not to forget that this website is over four years old, had well-established backlinks and already had over 30 pages of previously written content to work with.

To sum up, here are the steps we conducted:

• Step #1 – Run a comprehensive technical review using Screaming Frog and Implement Fixes.
• Step #2 – Add exciting media.
• Step #3 – Bring up-to-date the design of extensive content to resemble a landing page.
• Step #4 – Fix Spelling and Grammar.
• Step #5 – Update content with the latest data or supplementary paragraph.



Aman Pest Control has verified that at present theyare averaging over one new paying client (actual paying client not lead) per day which is helping themutilizetheir staff for more hours in the day.

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