Organic Visitors Increased by 67%, Located in Target Local Cities

When this client first approached us, they had an outdated website with only a trivial volume of content on it. They were hardly discoverable online and in their competitive market, this was a major issue. The client didn’t have much know-how about Google, but their primary target was to receive phone calls from their customers.

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Project Overview

Instant Mobile Roadworthys is a local business based in Gold Coast, providing instant mobile roadworthy certificates in Gold Coast and the adjacent areas. From first-rated vehicle inspection services to professional servicing of the vehicles, they’ve offered their wide range of services for multiple years.

Despite its success over the years, Instant Mobile Roadworthys wanted to raise its brand awareness and develop its clientele by generating a robust local online presence.

Extraordinarily we could witness a 200% increase in Goal Conversions in the first month itself.



Once the on-page elements were addressed we moved right into a local SEO strategy to assist build up their inbound linking profile. We built new local citations, claim existing ones and updated all information, wrote press releases, conducted a blog writing campaign and wrote high quality articles.

When starting work with this client one of the first red flags we noticed was that all the services were grouped onto one main service page in bullet point format. This category of exercise is usual for local businesses but can be damaging for long term SEO. We instantly had the services segmented onto their own pages. Next, we started with keyword research.

To sum up, here are the steps we conducted:

• Step #1 – Run a comprehensive technical SEO Audit using Screaming Frog and Implement Fixes.
• Step #2 – Keyword Research.
• Step #3 – Bring up-to-date the design of extensive content to resemble a landing page.
• Step #4 – Local optimization of the site (On-Page SEO)
• Step #5 – build local SEO citations.
• Step #6 - Higher buzz about your product or services in local area.



Instant Mobile Roadworthys has verified that at present they are averaging over one new paying client (actual paying client not lead) per day which is helping the utilize their staff for more hours in the day.

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