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The way we enhanced the traffic 0 to 2500 monthly visitors in 8 months

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Project Overview

Koala Box is a local business based in Sydney, providing packing and moving services across Sydney and the surrounding areas. From high-quality eco-friendly plastic moving boxes to professional packing and moving services, they’ve offered their wide range of services for more than 9 years.

Despite its success over the years, Koala Box sought to grow its brand awareness and develop its clientele by creating a robust local online presence.

Strikingly we could witness a 400% increase in Goal Conversions in the first month itself.



We first discussed what their goals were, for both the long and short term. In doing so we grew an idea of the return Koala Box wanted to achieve from their marketing activity, permitting us to plan what marketing tactics and local SEO best practices needed execution.

The first step was to carry out an in-depth SEO audit to comprehend what state of SEO health of their website was in. We were then able to generate a custom-made local SEO plan to tackle the issues emphasized, based on the following three units:

• Technical SEO
• On-Page SEO
• Off-Page SEO



Consequently, in the SEO Activities that we carried out, there has been an upsurge in the number of keywords that are ranking.

336% upsurge in Search Visibility in the first 4 months

Keywords that were already ranking saw a positive improvement in their positions in SERPs eventually leading to an increase in inquiries not only through the website but also by phone.

The growth in organic traffic meant that there was also asurge in goal conversions. The positive impacts of the keyword rankings have improved the number of impressions the website had in SERPs. This means that the Koala Box website is made visible to a highernumber of audiences increasing the chances of clicks through to the site.

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