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Novocastrian Driver Training is a local business based in Newcastle, NSW. They are providing driver training to aspiring drivers in NSW. They are functional since 2006 and have successfully been providing driving lessons in Newcastle and adjacent areas.

In spite ofits success over the years, Novocastrian Driver Training sought to grow its brand awareness andincrease its clientele by creating a more solid local online presence.

Novocastrian approached us for assistance in improving their local online presence in search engine results. Their foremost aim was to increase entire organic traffic so that the number of leads gets the required boost that comes through their website.

Astonishingly, they have witnessed a 200% increase in Goal Conversions in the first month itself.



At first, we discussed what their target was, for both the long and short term. Subsequently, we devised a plan for the ROI that Novocastrian wanted to achieve from their marketing activity. By allowing us to plan what marketing strategies and local SEO best practices needed execution, they helped their own cause.

The preliminary and the most vital step was to bring forth an in-depth SEO audit to measure what state of SEO health their website was in. We were then able to generate a modified local SEO strategy to handle the issues highlighted, based on the following three segments:

• We analyze their website and target keywords.
• We analyze their competitor’s strategy.
• We prepare better content to beat the competitors.



As a consequence,in the SEO activities that we accomplished, there has been an increase in the number of keywords that are ranking.

86% upsurge in Search Visibility in the first 4 months itself!

Keywords that were previously ranking saw a positive development in their positions in SERPs ultimately leading to arise in inquiries not only through the website but also by phone.

The progress in organic traffic meant that there was also an efflux in goal conversions. The positive impressions of the keyword rankings have bettered the number of impressions the website had in SERPs. Thus, it can be concluded that the Novocastrian Driver Training website is made visible to a higher number of audiences growing the chances of cumulative clicks through to the site.

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